Tarot Odyssey About Us

Who is Tarot Odyssey?

Vivian is Tarot Odyssey and she created this website to provide high quality tarot services with the use of her skills and experience in order to satisfy modern people's curiosity related to their self-growth and their future as well. Vivian has been studying the field of spirituality more than a decade and she sees tarot and all spiritual services as a tool of every person's self-development. Vivian believes that somehow our present actions could change the way that our destiny will finanlly be unfolded. The challenge is to take action when needed and most people do not believe in the fact that things could actually change in the future for them, so no action means no change at all.

Vivian was born during a rainy night, on the 8th of November, the year 1981. She could write, read and paint at the age of 3, long before attending school and she has a background of various studies including a B.Sc. in Public Health, a Certificate Of Attendance issued by the Athens Marketing Group which helps in providing quality customer service, an Intro Certificate In Psychology Basics issued by the Open University of Athens, an ECDL Start Certificate, a Diploma In Interior Design and a Tarot And Cartomancy Diploma which are both issued by the Stonebridge Associated Colleges. She has also taken studies in classic ballet and piano and she has proved her writing skills with books on Tarot and Feng Shui. Vivian also works as a part-time web/graphic designer and on
her free time she enjoys painting and practicing yoga/meditation.

Vivian works tirelessly with her friends in order to communicate her spiritual knowledge through innovative methods and spiritual tools for
the benefit of each and every one of her customers. Actually, everyone who knows Vivian think of her as their friend because of her
loving and caring nature.

We hope that Tarot Odyssey will finally win a great place in your hearts and in everyone's heart all around the world because all we
really want to do is to help you inspire yourself for the better.